Mirco Poetry

Lace and Leather*

take my lace
upon your leather

gliding fingertips gloss
my delicate attire
of lightest pink
as the pale rose opens

taunt my lace around your body
a veil of tracery
housed in your leather
a fire of skin merging
to burn in rapture

*First published: The Top Ten Nightingale & Sparrow Micropoets 2019.

Blank Maps*

Newborns, blank maps
of uncharted lives,
breathe their first breath.
The taste of oxygen,
filling lungs, declaring
rights of existence;
on a plant shared by
7.6 billion
other mortal souls.
All striving to survive,
to breathe that next breath.

*First Published: The Annual Her Heart Poetry 2018.


A wayward wind,
whistled through
the winding canyons,
steeped in history.
Calling fervently
to her love,
somewhere there ahead.
“My love, my love, wait for me,
I beckon turn for me. Come
swoop me up, and carry me
above these sandstone walls.”

*First published: The Annual Her Heart Poetry 2018.

My Dulcet Love*

Do you
See my heart?
Reaching out for
yours? Hands to hold safe
love’s abode? Affection
true, pumping through veins of blue?
Your soul to reach and settle in?
Dulcet love of mine, with harmony
constant be filled. At peace, come rest with me.

*First published: The Annual Her Heart Poetry 2018.

Past Reveries*

words flow to paper
soliloquy of my mouth
no ears to hear
no comfort near
rather tormenting
tales of past trysts
reverberate in memory
youth long past
the reveries remain
dear companions
of an empty chair

*First published: The Annual Her Heart Poetry 2017.